I invite you to a cup of Matcha tea from Japan.

I will practice a tea ceremony to make you your tea in the traditional Japanese way of tea. The ceremony will take about 30 minutes. My preparation before you come will take at least a day. If you never experienced a tea ceremony, we will first make an introduction of what tea ceremony is about. We will go through the procedure and the background explanation. A story about the matcha tea and its history and an introduction of how to receive the tea as a guest during a tea ceremony. This will take about a half an hour to an hour depending on how much you want to know about the way of tea (chado).

The matcha tea is imported directly from Japan privately from me and the tea is served with special Japanese sweets especially made for tea ceremony. The introduction and the ceremony will take about 60-120 minutes depending on the number of participants.

Pris : 200kr /person