Due to the price increase of electricity, we are sorry to inform you that must raise our prices from 25th August 2022 as below.

Prices below include warm shower outside, filtered water (Pureblue) and tea.

Infrared sauna *)recommended as first sauna!
1 hour: 400kr (max 2 persons at the same time)
10x tickets: 3000kr
5x tickets:  1750kr            

Steam sauna
1 hour: 400kr/person (max 2 persons at the same time)

Wood fired sauna
Wood is included in price. We will warm it up for you before you arrive.
2 hours: 600kr for the whole sauna
3 hours: 700kr for the whole sauna
4 hours: 800kr for the whole sauna

Rent All three saunas
3 hours: 1 300kr for all three saunas
4 hours: 1 500kr for all three saunas 
6 hours: 1 800kr for all three saunas 

We add an extra 1 hour for introduction of the usage of the saunas and for using the place to change clothes, shower.

Tips – Good to bring!
3 or more towels, Bath robe, flip flops or water proof slippers, hairbrush, hair strings. Please bring at least two towel! One towel to sit on in the sauna, plus one or two towels to use after showers.

Rental towels  (2 pc)                              50kr
Rental bath robes                                   50kr/pc
Warm shower inside                          300kr/visit

  • Free pickup service from and to Visby or Slite for customers using all 3 saunas.
  • Massage on request. Booking is essential before so that we can inquire the professional masseur. Price between 600-800kr per treatment.

Please be informed that we can only accommodate max. 2 persons per visit during the pandemic. Thank you for understanding the situation.

We accept cash, major credit cards and ”Swish”