How to take an infra-red sauna.
Undress and do not bath or be wet to go in.
This is a dry sauna.
Lay your towel where you will sit.
Set the temperature to what you like. We recommend between 43-50 degrees Celsius so it will be warmed up before you come.
Sit until you sweat well. It can take up to 20-30 minutes until you start to sweat well.
Recommended time is 30-45 minutes with a break in between.
Relax and Enjoy!

How to take a steam sauna.
This sauna, you don’t need to sit on a towel!
Undress and go into the steam sauna.
Close the door!
Before you sit, shower the wooden seats and warm it up.
Sit in a position that your legs will not burn from the steam coming out. The steam comes out from the right side at the bottom when you sit on the wooden seat.
Use the hand shower to warm up your body if needed.
Sit in the steam for about 10 minutes.
Take a short break and go in again for another 10 minutes.
Take 2-4 rounds with breaks in between.
Don’t forget to drink water or tea during the breaks.

How to take a wood-fired sauna.

Undress and take a towel with you to sit on.
Sit or lay down on the seats for about 10-15 minutes until you sweat lightly.
Go out and take a shower and dry yourself up.
Now the real sauna begins.
Sprinkle water on the sauna stones to make a steam. Repeat 3 times.
Let the heat sink in and relax. Lie down if you have space.
Stay for about 10-15 minutes (use the sand clock) inside the sauna.
Take a shower and dry. Take a break with some water or tea.
Go back into the sauna and repeat the procedure another 3 to 5 times with breaks in between.
Remember to drink water or tea in between!

*Check if the fire is burning! Put in more wood in the oven if needed. Don’t let the fire go out. Let us know if you are not sure how to put in the wood. We will come and add some wood to keep the fire going.