Hi everyone!

We are an international couple living on Gotland since 2009 and we are grateful to be able to enjoy life on this beautiful island.

This website is about our saunas which we want to share with you. Taking a sauna is a good way to rewind and relax. Especially if you have stiff shoulders, neck and back pain, it’s a great way to soften up your body.

We hope that you will feel like you´ve come to visit an old friend´s hideaway home and can enjoy the peace as much as we do.

About us: Other than enjoying taking saunas and walks in the nature, we like cooking and enjoying delicious vegetarian and vegan food, ride motorcycles, play music and play with our dog, Heyla, a German shepherd.

Why the name KronblomSpa?
Kronblom is a popular Swedish comic strip created by Elov Persson in 1927 and he loves to be lazy and do nothing but relax on the kitchen sofa. Because my husband tends to work too much, I like to remind him to be more like Kronblom. Therefore, KronblomSpa 🙂

We are also the producers of the first westernized version of the ancient Japanese poetry game Karuta, called Ogoola Karuta. We travel around the world to spread this exciting game and offer Japanese food events that include playing this game.

Contact us for more information!

Aya Hasegawa-Feurst and Ola Feurst
Telephone: 0498-21 58 10
Mobile: 076-141 37 25 or 070-719 24 47
Email: aya(at)olaya.se or ola(at)olaya.se
Address: Källunge Stentollby 640, 621 75 Visby