Welcome to Kronblomspa on Gotland!
Välkomna till Kronblomspa på Gotland!

We are situated between Visby and Slite in the middle of the island near the ICA super market Krampbroboden and road no. 147.

We have a infra red sauna, wooden sauna and a steam sauna for you to enjoy.

Please book your time with us so we can prepare the sauna for you. Booking is essential.

Booking times available:

Weekdays Wed-Fri   17:00-20:00    2hr – 3hrs

Weekends Sat-Sun  15:00-21:00    2hrs -6hrs

Monday and Tuesday closed

Contact: Aya and Ola Feurst
Telephone: 0498-21 58 10
Mobile: 076-141 37 25 or 070-719 24 47
Address: Källunge Stentollby 640, 62175 Visby

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